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Healthy Resolutions for a Healthy New Year - Kiddobus

Healthy Resolutions for a Healthy New Year

As the new year approaches, we are in the midst of creating our resolutions for a new and improved year.

By making a family affair out of your annual tradition of setting New Year’s resolutions, your kids are more likely to healthily practice the resolutions throughout the year–allowing an overall healthy new year.

Resolution #1: Set small goals. Resolutions usually set the bar too high and become hard to carry out long-term. Therefore, it is important to start small. If exercise is not typically a part of your routine, plan just one activity per week to start.

Resolution #2: Change the environment. Your home is the one place you truly can control, so transform it into a healthy environment. To do this, trash some of the unhealthy foods in your pantry and stock up on healthy choices and put your running shoes near the front door so you’ll be reminded to use them.

Resolution #3: Plan non-food rewards. Instead of treating your kids to a snack or dinner-outing when they do something good, make a list of non-food rewards that you and your kids can enjoy when you achieve small goals, like a trip to a local park or a favorite board game.

Resolution #4: Practice journaling. As a family, take a minute to write down what you ate and what activity you did on each given day. When reflection occurs through simple journaling, it helps us learn to think about our habits, the choices we make, and the goals we wish to set as a family.

Kiddo Bus knows the importance of making big changes in our lifestyles to achieve eating healthy and creating a healthier lifestyle–and resolutions for the new year are a way to do it.

To learn more ways for both kids and adults to conquer their healthy resolutions this year, contact Kiddo Bus today!

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