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How to Keep Your Kids Active Over Winter Vacation-Kiddo Bus

How to Keep Your Kids Active Over Winter Vacation

How to Keep Your Kids Active Over Winter Vacation-Kiddo Bus The holidays are upon us and that means your children are home from school to enjoy a break. Although there is nothing wrong with children using this time to relax, it is important to keep them active and healthy during the winter vacation.

To get your children excited about staying active this holiday season, consider trying these activities to have them up and moving:

Decorate the house – If you’re dreading the amount of boxes holding Christmas decorations sitting around the house that you have yet to put out, involve your children in decorating both the upstairs and downstairs. This will keep them active while getting them excited about the upcoming holiday.

Embrace the weather – Even if there is no snow falling outside, winter weather can still be enjoyable. When it’s cold out, grab your children and jackets and walk down to the neighborhood park to play for a few hours. However, if it’s too cold, consider visiting an indoor play space within your community.

How to Keep Your Kids Active Over Winter Vacation-Kiddo Bus

Look at holiday lights – When the Christmas lights are glowing at night, bundle up and go for a stroll around your neighborhood to enjoy the holiday season. If there are no houses with lights within walking distance, drive to a close neighborhood and walk around there. This is also a great opportunity for family time.

Indoor games – If the weather isn’t ideal for outside play, clear some space in your home for your children to move around without risk of hurting themselves. Put on music and dance, set up an obstacle course, configure an indoor basketball hoop, or use tape to make a hopscotch pattern on the floor.

By booking a special event or birthday party with Kiddo Bus, you can be confident that your children are ditching a sedentary winter break for an active experience while having loads of fun.

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