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Get Kids Moving: Mobile Gymnastics Programs for School-Kiddobus

Get Kids Moving: Mobile Gymnastics Programs for School

Get Kids Moving: Mobile Gymnastics Programs for School-KiddobusMost classrooms have a least one impulsive child–some classes have more than one. Research shows that a simple solution for the impulsiveness of children in school classrooms is physical activity. With physical activity in schools, the child’s brain controls inhibitory controls which regulates the impulsive behavior–ultimately resulting in a positive influence on their actions.

Physical activity plays an essential role in physical, social, academic and emotional development in young children. Exercise helps with executive functions like sequencing, memory, and prioritizing–which contribute to necessary skills for success in academic settings.

Simply put, physical activity in school primes the brain for learning, concentration and understanding. In addition, physical activity produces natural endorphins that regulate mood and pleasure–allowing a child to possess an elevated mood and approach in a classroom environment.

Get Kids Moving: Mobile Gymnastics Programs for School-Kiddobus

All schools represent a unique role to promote physical activity opportunities in children. Premature efforts from parents and adolescent mentors will help children avoid a lifetime of chronic disease and disability. Play, physical activity, physical education and recess are cherished parts of childhood and the long-term benefits of each have proven themselves over the last decade.

Get Kids Moving: Mobile Gymnastics Programs for School-Kiddobus

Since nearly 50 million students attend school, what better place than school is there to engage children in daily physical activity?

Kiddo Bus delivers mobile 30-minute exercise instruction sessions to schools, pre-schools and day care centers through the utilization of age-appropriate equipment. At Kiddo Bus, our classes are designed to develop strong motor skills and build long-lasting self-esteem in children with music, games, jumping and basic gymnastics. Our qualified coaches strive to help children succeed academically while implementing ongoing exercise practices that are sure to sustain a healthy lifestyle for the future.

Is your school, pre-school or day care center interested in having fun, unique exercise delivered to your doorstep? Request a school visit today with Kiddo Bus!

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