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6 Reasons Why Kids Should Partake in Exercise Regularly

6 Reasons Why Kids Should Partake in Exercise Regularly-Kiddobus According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the percentage of children affected by obesity in the United States has more than tripled since the 1970s. For kids to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the CDC recommends that children should partake in at least an hour of exercise activity each day. Discover the long-lasting benefits of having kids exercise at an early age:

• Maintains a Steady, Healthy Weight. Movement and a healthy diet implemented at an early can help reduce a child’s chances of becoming obese and prevent the onset of diabetes. Activity helps children expend energy–allowing weight control and a positive body fat distribution.

• Develops Muscle Strength. Muscle strength can help reduce a child’s risk of injury. Developing muscle strength keeps children healthy and limber to function optimally during physical activity. In addition, exercise helps prevent osteoporosis and keeps bones thick and strong.

• Improves Cardiovascular Capacity. Physical exercise cultivates a healthy heart and pair of lungs–ultimately reducing the chances of developing abnormally high blood pressure and heart disease.• Enhances Self-Esteem. As children engage in physical activity, natural endorphins are released. Children begin to feel happy and gain confidence through their improved strengthen levels from regular exercise.

6 Reasons Why Kids Should Partake in Exercise Regularly-Kiddobus

• Boosts Energy Levels. Movement stimulates attention and energy levels due to improved blood flow and circulation. Because of this, more oxygen is delivered to tissues and improves mental focus and cognitive skills.

• Reduces Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety. Physical activity is proven to change brain chemistry through increased levels of serotonin. Increasing the body’s serotonin levels can contribute to reduced feelings of depression, control mood swings, and foster feelings of happiness.

Kiddo Bus is dedicated to promoting children’s health and well-being through active play, exercise, teaching and fun. We offer a variety of services including weekly sessions of toddler gymnastics at schools, fun-filled parties and other types of special events–all to keep kids moving!

Call us today to have our mobile gym parked on-site at your next event.

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