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Trust Yourself Parents

Dear Kiddo Parent:
Ever wonder if your kiddo is doing ok? If perhaps you are doing too much for him, too little, or simply the right things? Are his motor skills where they should be? Is he able to stand up for himself? Is he developing good learning skills?
At some point, we all wonder if our child is really doing ok and if we are being good parents. It seems that some parents we interact with seem to have it all figured out. Healthy lunchboxes, piano lessons, soccer, gymnastics, the right chores-allowance system, the perfect, creative birthday parties where their kiddo’s smile lights up the place… and on and on goes the list.
Did you ever think that maybe those same parents look at you, especially at your happy kids, and think, “wow, they really have it all figured out”? You’d be surprised! This may be going on without you realizing it.
In order to deal with the many pressures of a working parent, I decided a while back to pick and choose what works best for my family and me. Cafeteria food for lunch? Ok, but combined with veggies and fruit snacks and healthy, home-cooked dinners. Help with the dishes each night, or go to bed early and get some badly-needed sleep? We do team-based kitchen cleanups and give a freebie when they seem too tired. Military-type structure or free-spirit, do-what-you-feel-like environment? With our demanding sports training schedules and homework, we employ a strict, structured system from Monday to Friday, and ease up on the weekend. And so on… And we always include hugs, no matter the day or situation! We basically want our kiddos to help around the house, learn to be resourceful and responsible, yet also play and make friends, be creative and have fun.
In the end, I think it’s about raising self-confident, happy children.
So pat yourself on the back, Kiddo parent, for the good job you are doing! Be open, of course, to learning and making changes that resonate well with your family values. Copy/paste neat ideas from others, but without feeling pressure or guilt about dozens of other things you could be doing. Trust yourself. Your confidence and inner peace will resonate well with your kids, too!
Happy Parenting

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