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Our Services

Toddler Gymnastics

Our toddler gymnastics and exercise program is ideal for energetic kiddos who love to run, jump and learn new things each day.

Kids Bus Party

Kiddo Bus arrives at the party location, parks, and provides one hour of fun-filled exercise for your child and his or her friends.

Preschools and Child Care Centers

We took a big school bus and converted it to a mobile gym! We bring fun gymnastics and exercise to your school or child care center.

Who Loves Kiddo Bus?


Kids love Kiddo Bus because they exercise and do gymnastics in an environment created just for their wonderful energy. Toddlers and kids exercise and discover their abilities, and go home talking about this kids’ fun bus, where the coaches are always happy to see them.


Parents in The Woodlands love Kiddo Bus because our children’s mobile gym represents a safe place for kids to exercise under the supervision of specialized staff. Like you, we also understand that kids’ fitness is important, so we help to instill in them a love of exercise.

Teachers & Caregivers

Teachers and Caregivers in The Woodlands love Kiddo Bus because it’s a great way for kids to be engaged in a safe indoor playground and exercise area, develop motor skills, and return to class with good mental clarity to get the most out of their learning activities. It also frees up some time for their staff.

Kiddo Bus comes to The Woodlands, Spring & surrounding areas

Kiddo Bus is here… we are excited to be in your hometown! Kiddo Bus is a little kid’s gym that provides fun exercise for your child with, delivering it in a unique, safe place from the convenience of your parking lot.

Watch Our Video to Learn More!

Learn Through Play

One of the wonderful things about Kiddo Bus in The Woodlands is that kids are learning in a way they consider playing. Learning through play refers to how children can learn to make sense of the world around them.

When toddlers and kids board Kiddo Bus, they are eager to jump on the mini tramp, excited to play on the slide, the mats and the zip line, and all the while, we know that they are learning about their surroundings and improving their coordination, balance, patience, ability to follow instructions, and many more important skills.